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Look at some of our other great options for livening up your party
or event.

Big Buck WorldBig Buck World

    Bring the excitement of big game hunting to your next party or function.

    Big Buck World takes the top shooting series to a new level by combining Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Hunter Open Season into one machine. Big Buck World makes it a truly global hunting experience attracting players with competitive game play and non-stop action.

    Players can take aim at a staggering 17 animals that include the NEW Safari Outback animals: Ibex, Rusa Deer and Blackbuck. In addition, there are 18 Trophy Animals, 77 Crazy Critters, 51
    Scenic Hunting Treks and 255 Hunting Sites that cross 4
    continents including Africa, Australia, Asia and North America.

    Includes 2 on 2 team play for even more thrills and fun.

    Prices starting from $395.00 delivered.


Pinball Machines

Pinball Machines

    For something different at your party, try our excellent pinball machines.  One to four player games. Discounts apply when hiring with a Jukebox.

    Prices starting from $220.00 delivered.



Classic Table Top Arcade Games

    Classic Table Top Arcade Games.This classic table top arcade game unit is loaded with
    60 all time classic arcade games.

    Hours of fun that may even bring back a few memories for those of us that remember when these games were first released.

    Prices starting from $160.00 delivered.


Soccer TableSoccer Table

    For a party with a difference, challenge your guests with a game of soccer.  Two or four players.

    Prices starting from $150.00 delivered.



Daytona1 TwinDaytona USA, Twin Drive

    Race your friends American Indy 500 style in this two player face off for auto supremacy.

    The next best thing to real racing thrills.

    Prices starting from $400.00 delivered.




LCD Display Screen

32" Wide Screen LCD  Display

    Our LCD Displays include built in DVD players and can be
    used for displaying your photos and more. When combined
    with a video jukebox they can be hooked up to display the current playing video clip as well as karaoke song words for
    your audience to sing along with.

    Prices starting from $65.00 delivered.



Poker Table
Pool Table - legs folded
2.1 Metre High Roller Green Suited Speed Oval Poker Table
(Folding Legs)

    These quality full size 10 player HIGH ROLLER Texas Hold'Em Poker Tables include:

    • Padded water resistant black vinyl armrest surrounds the table providing hours of comfort and enjoyment.
    • Steel reinforced legs allowing for easy storage and folding
    • Timber-like finish for that professional look
    • Green casino quality felt table top
    • Detachable legs for easy storage
    • Classy Chip Rack wood rail
    • Brass Jumbo Cup holders

    Our poker tables have a wooden frame underneath the table for additional support.
    This is what makes our table sturdy when players lean on the armrests.

    Prices starting from $150.00 delivered.

500 Chip Set500 Chip Set

    Prices starting from $35.00





Speaker Light
Mushroom Llight display
Mushroom Lighting System

    This sound activated lighting adds great atmosphere to your party.  Rotating colours splashed on the walls,
    ceiling and floor.

    Adds a coloured dimension to every song played.

    Prices starting from $45.00 delivered.



Hex LightHex Light System

    Our hex lights are sound activated, include a six channel chaser with six bright lights adding a great atmosphere at any party.

    Prices starting from $45.00 delivered.





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Try one of our amusement machines at your next party.
It’s a great way of keeping your guests entertained!



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