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Coin Operated Jukebox, Karaoke monitor and speaker plus light.Looking to hire the latest in Digital Jukeboxes, Karaoke and lighting for your next function or party?

21st Century Amusements is based in South Australia and has been servicing all areas including (but not limited to) Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Gawler, Elizabeth, Playford, and the Northern Suburbs since 1992. Note: We do not service other states.

With extensive experience in jukebox manufacturing, we pride ourselves in giving our customer, service of the highest quality.

Our business is owned by the people that you speak to on the phone so you have direct contact with Mike or Terry. Please don't hesitate to give us a call.

21st Century Amusements hire out jukeboxes, karaoke equipment, lighting etc to liven up your next party or function, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or other function. We also hire cocktail machines, soccer tables, pinball machines, Arcade machines, PA systems and more...

Download our printable brochure (193KB, requires Adobe Reader) for information about our available equipment.

Karaoke Jukeboxes

Most jukeboxes can have karaoke added for a small fee. Included is an extra LCD screen (for karaoke words) on a stand with two cup holders & two microphones.

Music Selection

Only the popular songs from albums are chosen so you don't have a lot of wasted music. Music is updated on a monthly basis.

Head over to the Jukebox Hire section of this site where you will find further information about all our jukeboxes and other equipment that you may like to combine with your booking.

For further information about our products please
call 0418 844 960.

Or email us at:


Before contacting us with a question you may like to read our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your query has been answered.


Hiring a jukebox is a great way of entertaining your guests and here's why...

A key issue with hiring a jukebox is that you are not handing over your party to someone else. You remain in control.

The jukebox does what you want it to. It'll play loud when you want it to. It will play quietly when you want it to. You have complete control. It will also only play music that you and your guests want to hear. It will also stay up partying as long as you do.

The jukebox looks great. It adds something to the occasion just by being there.

People get involved. You will find that the jukebox will become a focal point. Guests will get up out of their chairs and come to the jukebox to choose the music. In doing so they talk to each other, discuss the music and generally interact. If you have some older guests they will comment on the music chosen by the younger guests and visa versa. It all goes towards people mixing and enjoying themselves.

People more readily dance with a jukebox, as opposed to say having a DJ or regular CD player. I think this is because people have some ownership over the music. If someone chooses a particular song, then they are more likely to dance. It could also be because the jukebox won't judge you on your dancing.

When you hire your jukebox with us, you get a completely professional service. We will deliver your jukebox well in advance so you have it in place in good time for your party.

We talk you through the setup. There is a help sheet with every jukebox and we are on call should you need any help.

We enjoy hiring jukeboxes. Our customers are always really pleased when the jukebox is delivered and when we collect; despite the hangover, always tell us how much they and their guests enjoyed the jukebox during the party.


Compare us to other Jukebox hirers...

  1. With the use of our stair climber we have the means to get the jukebox into your home or venue.
  2. We care about the music we provide. Our music is continually reviewed and improved.
  3. All of our jukeboxes are high quality jukeboxes.
  4. Our prices are very competitive. We keep an eye on what our competitor's are charging and we know we provide a better service by comparison. You'll only be able to hire for less if you hire a lesser jukebox.
  5. We deliver well before the start of your function, giving you time to get used to the jukebox. We also collect the following day at the earliest - so the jukebox can be used all night.
  6. As a back up, in the event of a breakdown we will be on call for you and your guests. We always have a spare jukebox as back up.
  7. We provide full instructions when we deliver the jukebox. There is a printed help sheet for you to refer to and we provide 24hr telephone support.

Hopefully this page has been informative and helped you in considering the hire of a jukebox for your party. If we have missed anything either drop us an Email or call us using our contact details below.

For further information about our products please
call 0418 844 960.

You can also use our booking enquiry form or email us at:


Before contacting us with a question you may like to read our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your query has been answered.

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The free call number mentioned in this video is no longer relevant please call 0418 844 960 to make an inquiry
or booking.

21st Century Amusements hire out jukeboxes, karaoke equipment, lighting etc servicing all areas within South Australia including Adelaide, Barossa Valley,
Gawler, Elizabeth, Playford, Northern

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    Please note:

    You can be assured we are a professional business undertaking hundreds of hires a year. We have a proven track record and a major part of our jukebox hire business is from people and companies who come back to us year on year. You won't be disappointed with the service we provide and the quality of our hire equipment.

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Try one of our amusement machines at your next party.
It’s a great way of keeping your guests entertained!

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